Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How can Comelite help you?

Comelite is one of the creditable information technology services providing companies, providing services in website development, software development, windows applications, mobile applications, as well as other services such as management systems. We have highly qualified software development engineers employed in several countries.
Our dedicated teams have delivered several websites, workflows, mobile apps, CRMs, databases and more in the past decade. 

Comelite History
Comelite was founded in 2003 by a team of IT specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of technology itself. Thus, the mission of the company was defined – to contribute to forward-looking transformation of the society through website and software development.
Over 10 years of work, we have developed a range of solutions and gained ample experience in the services we offer: Custom Software Development, E-commerce Solutions Development, and E-learning Solutions Development, Web Development, Legacy Applications Reconstruction, Project Recovery, Consulting, Quality Assurance, Graphic Design, Advertisement Videos productions and Telemarketing.
Our specialists have been providing website and software development services for multiple clients from Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Australia and other countries, starting from small companies and continuing with very big clients, such as governmental departments. Over 10 years, we have completed different kinds of projects; and we specialize in automation of business processes used by our clients. 

Our Vision
 Our vision is to help our clients achieve organized solutions for all of their IT challenges, in a timely and cost effective manner. We achieve this by using the three pillars of process, technology and people. In this market, where thousands of companies provide IT solutions, Comelite is your reliable source to provide a trusting service to our valued clients.

What Makes Us Different?
Our difference is that we care about our clients' problems. We listen to what they have to say, and instead of selling an easy "out of the box" solution, we pay attention to you, and then once we understand your pain then we can start to formulate a plan. Working with you, we apply a mix of process, technology and people and arrive at a solution that is tailored to your requirements. We achieve the final results through our ability to provide the most flexible solutions in the market, blending a number of concepts and technology solutions. We create real value propositions that increase efficiency and lower costs.
In Comelite, our client's satisfaction is important to us so we help you from the beginning, in planning, revising, testing, implementation, maintenance and even providing tutoring for our solutions to help your business set up real quick.
We concentrate our efforts on completing your task with maximum efficiency and obtain the best solution possible. We adhere to the custom-tailored approach.

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