Saturday, 26 April 2014

The best web design

There are a lot of things that every website owner should consider other than usability. This is because, the internet is an interactive platform and the users will judge depending on the experience the get from using your website. If you want to improve traffic to your website, you must make more attractive. You website will tell a lot to your visitors depending on how it looks, loads and functions. Therefore, the importance of creating an attractive and user friendly website cannot be overlooked.

Flash is a powerful tool especially when demonstrating items or things that are difficult to describe in words. However, it can be misused and end up turning off your customers. It can be a distraction since animations and bright colors are hard to ignore. Therefore, avoid overuse this tool or avoid using it totally.
Visual impression
Human beings are visual creatures and we like to see things. Using extraordinary graphics and images can attract your customers’ attention more than when you utilize texts only. Cool graphics and images capture your web visitors’ attention and may make them visit your website again.
Social media integration
Having your media integrated into social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook is a requirement nowadays. It makes your website user friendly and allows your clients to share information easily.
Identify your target audience
This is a major step towards creating an attractive website. When you identify your target audience, you will be in a position to design the website in a manner that will attract them. Use features that your target audience will like. This way, they will feel appreciated and want to come back again.
No one prefers to wait for web pages to load. Therefore, ensure that your website uses the least codes possible. If your website takes long to load, chances are that your customers will get bored and leave without reading what you want them to.
A good and attractive website should be consistent in layout, design and page content. Being consistent also makes the visitors feel that they are getting what they were looking for from your website. Creating pages with different designs can be confusing to clients and can make them lose interest and leave your website.
Simple web navigation
Ensure that your website uses a simplified navigation structure that will not stress the visitors. Most visitors will leave a website if they do not find what they are looking for within the first thirty seconds or one minute. The easiest way to make your website more attractive is to ensure that they find the information they are looking for fast. The shorter the wait time the more the stay. In addition, ensure that your contact information is visible.
Use suitable colors
Color defines your website. It is advisable to use your business theme color. However, you should use a color that is easy to read like black text on with a white background. The easier it is to read your web content, the more attractive and effective it will be and look. If you use inappropriate colors that are difficult to read, visitors will not bother to go through your content.
Update often
This is another great way to make your website attractive. Updating regularly ensures that you remain relevant since you will be covering current affairs.


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