Monday, 19 May 2014

Responsive Web Design benefits SEO, Conversions & User Experience making it fit for Sales Pitching

Talking about responsive web designs, there are numerous benefits that can be cited at the name of optimal screen view. But, here in our post are talking resolutely about benefits like improved user experience, SEO, Conversions, sales, profits as those are the main considerations for any online business.

What is a Responsive Website?
A responsive website is one that reacts uniformly to users. Users may browse your website on iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop but it’s a must for you to ensure that they get similar view on all devices.
This is what a responsive website does for you. In simple words, if you don’t have a responsive web design, then probably you may require making separate sites for all these devices or else you may not be able to offer a pleasing user experience to your target audience.
Why hiring Responsive Web Designers is a necessity today?
A latest Google research shows a noticeable surge in local searches & states that 50% of mobile users who make local search lead to stores eventually within a day. Other facts related to this report say:
People who reach store after making a local search
- 50 % smartphone user
- 34% tablet &a computer users
4 in 5 people use search engines for local search
- 88% smartphone users.
- 84% computer/tablet users.

Viewing the latest study by Google it is clear that role of mobile users is growing like Topsy, so for business that aim to sell online particularly E commerce have to be considerate about the responsive status of their websites.
The statistics are big enough to study and evaluate the need & benefits of Responsive websites. Only fact you need to stick to before working on sales pitch is that the number of mobile device users has crossed billions worldwide & never seems to stop. So, Start making your website compatible to all those devices.
Benefits of a Responsive Website (You have fair chances if you can attain them)

1. Google’s Good-books
Responsive websites have better chances to get into Google Good-books as compared to sites those disappoint users by giving a scattered view. Google expects you to offer quality when a user leads to you through search. Moreover, it’s easier for Google to identify you when you don’t have more than one URL (having separate website for mobile and desktop leads to multiple URLs for each page).

2. SEO Benefits
It’s immensely advantageous when a smartphone user uses mobile search because mobile optimized sites have higher possibilities to rank above non-responsive or poorly designed websites. Making another mobile site for similar business may make it difficult for search engines to crawl it as it has a different URL.
Also, making two different URLs can create the issue of duplicity since the content is same on both sites.

3. Remarkable User Experience
When your website gives different views on different devices, it automatically creates confusion in user’s mind who tries to access you from desktop as well as mobile. It’s a sheer disappointment for a potential buyer.
On the other hand a well-built responsive web design gives orderly navigation and gets adjusted on all screens without making your user feel any difference. So, to offer best user experience to your target audience, it’s important that you do the needful.

4. Conversion Advantage
Responsive websites have high conversion rate when it comes to mobile shoppers. The comfort of online shopping is best consumed by users who shop on the go & their number is actually rising. By not having a responsive web design, you may lose a large portion of sales as non-responsive platforms cannot cater to this segment of customers.
As a professional website design company, Comelite IT Solutions works on all aspects of a website that make it fit for sales. Making it responsive is one of the efforts that we put in for developing a profit-making website. There are several other things that our IMAs & design experts put in together to create a custom web design.


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