Tuesday, 13 May 2014

On-device Portal, a new mobile technology for your business

On-device portals
Let your costumer download on their phone your mobile site with your info.

What is it?

If you have a website, have you ever thought how neat it would be if your online visitors could take it away with them when they leave their PC? With our On-device portals (offline mobile website) we allow them to do just that. Download on their phone all the information from your website, specially formatted for mobile phones, so that they can view it wherever, whenever, and regardless of their mobile internet connection status.
We develop a mobile version of your website, based on our unique expertise in the mobile marketing area, to make it appropriate for viewing on the widest possible range of mobile phones. Comelite IT Solutions will develop the set of standards, according to modern demands of business, for the development of high quality mobile applications to solve the maximum problems of the mobile websites in the access, interface, and complete visibility.

Who can use it and how?

Non-profit organizations, Brands, businesses and anyone interested to establish their presence in tomorrow's Internet space, today. The Internet is already heading mobile, so now is the time to catch the trend and stay ahead of your competitors. Some ideas about a typical on-device portal - offline mobile site:
  • Brand Site
  • Museum Guides  
  • City Guides
  • Information Sites
  • Social, Fun, multimedia, gaming applications
  • Content Delivery 

Why should I use it? Typical characteristics
The main characteristics in mind:
  • Simple & user-friendly interface 
  • Excellent browsing experience
  • Designed SEO friendly
  • xHTML compatible
  • High level compatibility with maximum mobile browsers

I am interested! How to start?

If you are interested in creating an on-device portal - offline mobile website, please don't hesitate to contact us. Based on your requirements our specialized personnel will make a technical proposal.

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