Thursday, 15 May 2014

What should your next website project should be a CMS Website?

What should your next website project be a CMS Website? 

If you are in the market for a new website or website redesign - you may be considering a Content Management System or CMS. 

What is a CMS?
A Content Management System is a system that is used to manage website content. Well known CMS platforms include: wordpress, joomla and squarespace. Managing content refers to the creating, editing, publishing, and distribution of website content. 

What are the benefits of CMS?
There are many benefits of having a website with CMS.
The most important of these is ease of use.
In fact, at Comelite IT Solutoins the majority of websites that we develop make use of a CMS. A CMS is our preferred choice for both beginners and established professionals. Read on to find out why.

1. Easy Editing of Web Content
A CMS is easy to update.
No specialist knowledge is required. Every CMS based website owner can easily add their own text, data, blog posts, videos, photos and other content. No technical expertise is required - this saves money as everyone can DIY for website changes. The website owner simply logs in to an Administration panel via the internet.
Your web developer will ensure that your CMS website is designed for updates. This means that your web design and layout will be structured to maintain visual appearance and functionality - even with the addition of extra pages. No additional 'design fees' are incurred. 

2. Value for Money
A CMS Website has a lot of complex functionality built right in. 
This is a real money saver. 
A CMS offers the website owner a range of highly sophisticated features that do not require extensive customization or 'build from scratch'. 
Every CMS system has an extensive range of options. 
Such functions include instant mobile site generation, built in social media broadcasts and feeds, built in e-commerce features, image upload and publication from smartphones, instant editing, cross browser compatibility, time-based publishing, seo optimization and much more. 
Note that every CMS offers different benefits. Discuss your particular requirements with your web designer.

3. SEO Optimization Built In
A CMS Website is friendly to search engines. 
This means that the search engine robots are can easily find, read and reference your information. Being found is the key to SEO and achieving search rankings.
Built in SEO features typically include: easy to customize page titles, headers and meta data; easy to add 'keyword focused' URLs and easy to customize image alt tags. Optimize these to target your preferred keywords.
A CMS which features social media sharing integration and a mobile-responsive design will also boost SEO performance significantly.

4. Design Flexibility
Even with lots of predefined functionality, a CMS website is still highly customizable. 
A unique CMS design can be customized to best deliver your brand to your audience. 
A CMS website should be visually consistent with your brand style and color. The design should be refined to enhance conversion, where your website visitors become your customers. Pages must be easy to navigate and product information readily found.

5. Web Analytics
A key element of any website's success is the monitoring of performance metrics. 
The CMS website owner can login to view such analytics as traffic (the number of unique website visitors per day), referrers (where the visitors referred from - for example: which specific links, search engines or social platforms did people click from to arrive at your site?), specific search engine queries and more. 
This is a great way to track the popularity of your website. It helps to better understand your user. A CMS will also provide statistics for page views, time spent on the website, the geo-location of visitors and more.

A CMS web solution has many benefits. From customizable design, extensive functionality and affordability - it is the ideal solution for most small to medium business owners.
Comelite IT Solutions is a based web design company that specializes in CMS based web design. We develop customized CMS websites to build your brand online. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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