Friday, 6 June 2014

“My Doctor” Mobile Application: A revolutionary new health care system by Comelite

A revolutionary new health care system, that

Allows your doctor to instantly monitor your health status and contact you
Offers you First Aid instructions to aid you and others
Save Me system to save your life even when no one is at reach
Integrates with phone, SMS, Email and Social Networks to inform your status and get help as fast as possible

The aim of the My Doctor software is to save lives
 And offers first class health care services. It does so via several means:
It offers CPR instructions using text, pictures and aural channels. This allows you to put your phone aside and carry out the instructions as they are ready from the device. A simple voice command system is also in place for additional hands-free experience
It allows you to connect to your doctor and medical profile in case of emergencies, thus offering very accurate, last minute information about the patient
Even if no one is at reach, pressing a simple “Help Me” button will make the app place phone calls (through pre-recorded help messages), send SMS and emails and inform social networks so that help can reach you soonest. The central system and your doctor will also be immediately informed.
The app will also aurally call for help so that people nearby you can find you faster.

My Doctor” three different parts


Medical Website

- Stores information about the patients, their records and treatment history

- Allows for both website and mobile access to the records

- Holds a credit system to track how much services have been offered to a client, and how much they should pay for it

Doctor’s App 

- Connects to the website to retrieve/update patient status and records

- Allows for video chat with the client in case of emergencies

Patient’s App

- Contains first aid instructions
- Can connect to the doctor for video chat
- Offers the Save Me feature
- Can connect to your file to read the doctor’s instructions and recommendations

For any "My Doctor" application request, contact Comelite IT Solutions

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