Sunday, 14 June 2015

An App for Everyone, an App for Every Company

 Based on our motto “An App for Everyone”, we offer for smaller businesses a special package with a specific list of menu and services as the following:

             Instant Apps and web building software
             Access to company catalogs via PDF
reader or browser
             Photo Gallery
             Distributes
             Offline Access
             Contact Us page
             Product details list
             News Page
             Google maps

Through a catalog, you will have the option to choose from a variety of prepared design samples. After determining the pages and features, you can contact us and get your mobile app designed by our professionals and published on Google Play as well as Apple Store.
For just 500 bucks you can get your own app in order to establish your own network with suppliers, employees and customers. This solution is for those who want to prove the taste of being “on app” and making profits by handling everything with just some few finger tips. Welcome aboard!

What’s more: we can also offer additional features such as push notifications, video files etc. Contact us at for more info!

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