Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Comelite Bitrix Services

I came to know Bitrix  24 a few months ago; when one of our clients asked us if we could integrate a POS solution we had worked on with Bitrix.
Ever since, the experience has been astonishing. Bitrix offers and exceeds many of the features our clients had asked us for years; all in a centralized solution. It offers collaboration, attendance tracking, HR, CRM services, Document Management Systems and business workflows all in once. The cloud version can be customized through the API while the self-hosted version offers even more customization options as it comes with the full source code. Besides that, it is backed with a mobile app for iOS and Android too!
Now, our company can offer much more cost-effective solutions to our clients. Instead of focusing on developing tools that are already offered in Bitrix24, we can simply focus on translating their current workflows and data to its Bitrix24 counterpart – an absolute win-win case for both parties (you could include Bitrix24 here too!)

Depending on the scope of the requested customizations and the budget of the client, we can offer the Cloud version or the Self-hosted version. We can even develop an app that will be integrated into Bitrix24, further expanding its features. Apps bring new functionality into Bitrix. For instance there is an app that allows you to sync all your Zoho data into Bitrix24; all you have to do is to install the app and link it.
You can base your entire site on Bitrix24. While being mostly focused on the internal workflows of a company, Bitrix24 also offers an external website that is gracefully tied to the “intranet” website.
We can customize Bitrix per your needs. Besides the graphical design, we can develop workflows and business processes to track and alert you about the progress of your business. We can transfer your data and ensure everything is placed in a manner that most efficiently utilizes the full potential of this system.
Last but not least; Bitrix24 is localizable too.

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