Friday, 31 July 2015

Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Site

Rise of the smart phones: Smartphones have become affordable over the past few years. Almost everyone is looking to buy one. These devices are excellent for hand held browsing. Since the sale of smart phones is increasing, it only makes sense for companies to have a site that can be easily browsed through on these devices.

Popularity of mobile internet: According to studies, about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online, and half of them will go online at least once every day. This presents a huge opportunity for a business.

Inexpensive option: Because mobile screens are a lot different from computer screens, the site design has to change accordingly. It is a relatively cheap process and not very time consuming either.

Use of GPS: GPS is a very useful technology. It is used by many mobile users to find out necessary things or directions. They also use it to find nearby services or businesses. If there is no mobile site available for your business then you are potentially losing a customer right in your own area.

Don’t get beaten by competition: People love to browse while traveling. However, when they find that sites that they normally used at their PCs are not mobile compatible, they might end up switching to a site which provides similar services and is mobile compatible as well.

SEO: Having a mobile friendly website also helps in SEO as it helps improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Compatible with all platforms, unlike mobile apps: The alternative to mobile friendly site is producing apps that perform similar functions. Now this can be a very tedious task. Making an app is also quite expensive and apart from that, you would have to make different apps for different platforms. Once you make these apps, they have to fight hundreds of thousands of other apps to get into the spotlight.

2D Bar codes: One great bonus that comes along with mobile friendly websites is the 2D bar code. These appear like regular bar codes, but are capable of so much more. They can be used for discounts. A customer takes a picture of the code with their cell phone and instantly has access to not only the details, but also reviews of the product before they buy it.

Better user experience: Earlier, it might not have been possible to make a mobile site and give the user a good enough experience because of the low bandwidth and server speeds. However, in recent times, this has changed and you can be assured that using a good mobile site will be an enriching experience for a user.

Within a span of three years, the number of people accessing the internet via mobile will be more than those accessing it via a PC. This, more than anything else, should be a clear indication for you to start working on the mobile version of your site. Apart from that, the biggest draw on the internet today are social networking websites. Many people access these websites through there mobile devices. If they come across a link to your site, they would want to view it on their mobile screens.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are numerous reasons for you to have a mobile version of your site. Mobiles are the device of choice for many people today, and you would want to be accessible to them. However, while making mobile sites, you need to keep certain things in mind. People use mobiles for browsing because they want to save time. If a site takes too long to load, then there is no point of a mobile user visiting that site. You need to keep the page size small enough so it is loaded quickly on cellular networks.

Often the problem of text size also crops up. It is not a good idea to cram the most information you can in one page. Mobile screens are small and it becomes difficult to read a lot of text. Also clicking on links becomes a difficult task. Make sure that the content of your page can be viewed easily and the site can be navigated easily as well.

If you are not someone who is surfing the net from your mobile, then you will soon be in minority. In the near future, most people will be using a mobile phone for browsing. This means that any business that has a presence on the internet right now should make appropriate changes so that its website is mobile friendly.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

What is an Interactive Website?

An interactive website is an Internet page that uses various software to create an interactive experience that allows the person viewing the webpage to be actively engaged with the site. This can be done for a number of reasons and by using various methods and software to accomplish this interactivity. An interactive website can be just about any website that allows users to go beyond simply reading text and viewing images. Instead, this type of website can also allow the viewer to alter the way in which the website displays or allow the user to play games and achieve various tasks.

In general, an interactive website will use the standard graphical user interface (GUI) present on all websites to create interactivity with the viewer. For example, a website that displays weather forecasts for an area may simply allow a user to type in his or her location and then show weather details for that region. While this technically is interactive, since it allowed the user to input his or her information, this would be a fairly unimpressive level of interactivity.

A more elaborate interactive website might allow the user to input his or her location and also indicate a particular year or day and display weather for that time period. This could allow the user to better understand recorded weather patterns and trends throughout history. An interactive website could also display an image of the Earth, perhaps represented as a three-dimensional rendering, and allow the user to interact with that globe. The website might display weather for different countries and allow the user to zoom into specific regions, or to move and manipulate the globe to see various parts of the world and quickly view the weather in those areas.

Different types of software are often used to create an interactive website, though programs usually include various features to display animations or allow the user to manipulate images that appear on the page. This can be used for educational purposes, entertainment, and for a number of other reasons as well, including attracting more users to a particular website. There are scientific websites that allow a user to explore the various structures of different plants and animals, at cellular and microscopic levels, as well as sites that can be used to better understand the size of the universe. An interactive website can also be used to allow users of a website to play games or interact with friends online.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

10 ways to use your Apple Watch more effectively

Wake to the last used app
By default your Apple Watch will show your selected watch face when you raise it up. Over the last two weeks, I've found it much more useful to have my last used app appear, especially when used while working out.

Force touch to clear all
If you have several notifications appear at the top of your Apple Watch, save yourself some time and force touch to then be able to clear them all.

Ping your iPhone
Access the quick settings glance and then ping your iPhone if you can't find it. You will have to be connected, but the ping noise is loud and clear.

Cover to mute
If your Apple Watch lights up during a meeting or a movie, simply place your hand over the watch face to have things muted.

Pay attention to taptic engine while navigating
The Apple Watch is excellent for navigating, especially when walking around the city.
For a left turn, you'll get a series of two taps, played three times: tap-tap — tap-tap — tap-tap. For a right turn, you'll get a steady beat of 12 taps: tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. You'll also get a long vibration when you're on your last leg of the journey, and when you arrive at your destination.

Launch Siri in a couple ways
You can raise your Apple Watch or press and hold the digital crown to launch Siri.

Control your iPhone camera remotely
If you are trying to capture photos without making it obvious, remember that you can use your Apple Watch to remotely control the camera app.

Look in Passbook to pay for things
While there are dedicated Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, and other apps, you may need to open and use Passbook to actually pay for your coffee or flash your boarding pass.

Run without your iPhone
Take a week to run with your iPhone connected to your Apple Watch in order for the calibration to get setup.
After a few runs, go ahead and try running without your iPhone and you may just be surprised by the results.

Double press digital crown to toggle between watch face and last app
As I wrote about in my full Apple Watch review, there are multiple ways to interact with your Apple Watch.
Double press in on the digital crown to toggle between the watch face and your last used app.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Will your PC run Windows 10? Use the official compatibility checker to find out

The Get Windows 10 app lets you register for a free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. But it also keeps a list of potential upgrade issues you might need to deal with. Here's how to check your own compatibility report.

Microsoft has begun the process of rolling out hundreds of millions of free Windows 10 upgrades. The Get Windows 10 app, which is being delivered as a Recommended (automatic) update to Windows 8.1 and an Optional update for Windows 7, does a compatibility check and should notify you if you have any devices, apps, or compatibility issues that will prevent a successful upgrade.
But just because you've registered for the upgrade doesn't mean you're completely free of potential problems. In my experiments with the Get Windows 10 app, I've discovered that it didn't notify me after it found some apparently minor issues with a couple of upgrades.
If you want to check your own Windows 10 upgrade report, follow these steps. (Note that you must have installed KB3035583 for the Get Windows 10 app and its associated icon to be available. You'll find it in Windows Update, as a Recommended update for Windows 8.1 and an Optional update for Windows 7.)
Step 1: Right-click the Get Windows 10 icon (on the right side of the taskbar) and then click "Check your upgrade status."

Step 2: In the Get Windows 10 app, click the hamburger menu, which looks like a stack of three lines (labeled 1 in the screenshot below) and then click "Check your PC" (2).

Step 3: See the list of potential compatibility issues. The list includes separate categories for devices and apps.

So far, most of what I have seen has been minor. If you see more significant issues, I'm interested in hearing about them. Leave a comment in the Talkback section below or, better yet, send me an email using the contact form in my bio. Be sure to leave a correct reply address so I can follow up if necessary.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Comelite Testimonial from VITAX company

The ability to reach clients' satisfaction when it comes to concept creation and the talent in adopting ideas and employee them is what makes Comelite my preferred Architect Office to work with.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Another day, another new Windows 10 preview for PCs

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Build 10166 for PCs to Fast Ring testers and continues to inch toward RTM.

As Microsoft inches closer toward releasing to manufacturing Windows 10, it is continuing to roll out near-final preview test builds to its Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring.

On July 9, Microsoft made yet another of those previews available for testing on PCs and tablets: Build 10166. Microsoft also is pushing out a corresponding software development kit (SDK) preview today.
To be clear, this build is not the build Microsoft plans to designate as RTM. It's close, but not that build. I'm not sure exactly when Microsoft will hit the RTM milestone. It should be soon; my sources have told me the plan remains some time in "mid-July." Some had been expecting Windows 10 to RTM today, July 9, but that's not happening, my contacts say.
Today's build, like a number of those Windows 10 preview builds released recently, is mostly about bug fixes and polish. There are no brand-new features in the build.
As part of today's build for testers in Seattle only, Microsoft is making available a preview of its coming paid-Wi-Fi app for download from the Windows Store. The company will roll this out to all in the U.S. later, officials said.
Last week, Microsoft released in rapid succession three different preview builds to Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Comelite Testimonial from an Iraqi client

Comelite Testimonial from an Iraqi client: "The job has been performed professionally in short period of time & up to our expectations us to propose their services to other firms around."

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

4 reasons I chose Comelite

Finding the right work experience must be a common moment for all of us especially the youth. After graduating from University the first plan of life is to find the right job. For everything started at this point too and to find that very job I searched within many companies. I had the chance of being hired at many companies and the issue for me was which one I would choose? That one week I put into searching for the right company resulted to me joining Comelite. Everything went according to my plan and I passed the company test successfully. The question remains to be, why did I choose Comelite?

The Chief Executive at Comelite was a woman and this was the first thing that caught my eye. Second reason was for the company being international spread and deeply dug into the MENA region, which was personally important for me.
The third reason was that Comelite did not only want to pose its services on their customer but rather to make the customer’s business run smoother and I practically picked this up from the customer’s reaction after my first assignment. I saw this strength among all my colleagues at Comelite very much and was satisfied that this was not just advertising but a work skill within them.
The fourth reason that affected me a lot even in my personal life was that the employees at Comelite worked together as a team. When a team starts working on a project they commit themselves to listen to what other teams have to say and this helps them in raising quality in their work. Even if they don’t so much agree to it and this work ability truly inspired me.

I have happily proud of my choice and wish to stay at this company for long years ahead. Mentioning all this I invite you to see our website and make your request so you gain first-hand experience and knowledge.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Comelite’s 3 Key Factors to a Successful Business

Starting and running a successful business can be rewarding and challenging. Success requires focus, discipline and communication skills. However, success will not come over night - it requires a long-term focus and that you remain consistent in challenging environments.
Every company and business has their own philosophy and strategy of a successful business, and you could find them all on the internet. These are common points shared among all and the main rules will be the same everywhere, whether in US, Europe, MENA or the Far East.
Business is Business everywhere!

At Comelite, though, we have tried to fit all the key factors in just 3 major steps. Not that we don’t agree with the rest; we actually do but they can be fitted under these categories.

Comelite defines a successful business as:
1.  Your Interest Is Our Interest
2.  Multi Dimensioned Services
3. Company Management by Women

1.      Your interest is our interest
Every company, business, organization etc. needs to sell its products, services, consultancy and projects and everyone knows that when they approach you. At Comelite, what has made us successful in selling our services and competing our competitors, is our customers’ interest, need and development. So it’s not all about selling to us.
We just don’t care or try to sell and fill in our pockets, we try to provide what’s best for our clients, its company and business development and promotion on the online market.
That’s maybe why we chose to expand into MENA as well.
Once MENA started to develop its countries back in the early millennium, we thought of also expanding in this region to assist and enhance companies to develop themselves on the online market as we provide the most primary appearance and awareness features of a business online. This is also why we first started with web development and then expanded to apps., management systems, videos etc. as the technology on the online world also developed itself.
What’s important, is to see that our customer is satisfied from our work, customer service and support. Therefore, our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction, which is first built on customer’s interest, making it your own interest. Caring about what your customer needs and trying to fulfill it with every solution that you can provide and to the last bit. We don’t try to push our own beneficial interest or item on the customer, we learn the problem, the need and then fit our services to the customer’s interest. That’s how we do the job right and please our customers.

2.      Multi Dimensioned Services

As mentioned above, Comelite first started with a small team of web developers. As technology also rapidly expanded in to the online market, Comelite came into a conclusion that website alone cannot be the solution to all businesses for their online presence and advertisement, to get themselves known and sell their products… Thus, Comelite thought of expanding its services to meet the new standard and be the one and only solution. Yet, being all the way in US and working globally, with a wide new presence in MENA, how could we provide some basic hardware that is also needed for online presence?

In conclusion, Comelite started to expand its services one by one, providing a whole spectrum of software and advertisement, which could be easily done remotely.
This is when web development with its full package of SEO and social media came into service to resolve online and digital marketing, then came graphical and branding services, mobile applications for all smartphones, management systems and videoand media production. Anything that can do with a company’s online awareness, advertisement and customer attraction!
Comelite recently established a sister company which provides architectural services such as sketching, designing, rendering and interior \ exterior designing.
It is with our multi-dimensional services that have also worked successfully, especially in establishing long-term business relationships and clients.

3.      Company Management by Women
The company SEO is Sara Lee and many of the department managers are women, like marketing, business, technical, architectural etc.
I am not a feminist myself, but in experience, it seems that our women managers have well organized the departments and projects; from working with employees to customers.
Women’s major characteristics of caring, collaboration, listening skills, focus on development, and valuing different opinions is probably the reason that has built their relationship with both the employees and clients.
According to a research done by PA Consulting Group, the public reports of 50 U.S. and U.K. companies over a six-year period to reveal that companies with female leaders generated higher total shareholder return.

In conclusion, it is greatly advised to approach Comelite IT Solutions Company for your online presence, to get your job done in its best way and be happy throughout your business.
Visit us at

Written by Mona Miles, Business and Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Solutions Co 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to Turn Your Worst Clients into the Best – Part 2

As promised, I am following up these series with real-life experiences. Thanks everyone for following! I’d love to receive your comments too.

The Case

Recently I was involved in a website development project. The client had an e-store which he wanted to get updated and have some bugs fixed. We checked the work, had some discussions about the price (the client did not accept our initial price) and started the job. Things looked simple at first, and I had one of my friends to work on it remotely. But soon, things started to get really screwed.
It turned out that the old developer was a total newbie, and the code was packed with bugs ready to explode. And my friend was not accustomed to these kind of jobs, so even while we thought the job is complete, bugs started to pop up here and there.

Two years ago I was involved in a website development project. The salary was VERY low compared to my standards, and we had to give top quality project on time and budget. What made things worse was our involvement in two other simultaneous projects, and my colleagues needed my help there too. Naturally, that project was last priority in my manager’s view.
Soon the client began worrying about the slow progress, and a threat to terminate the project and close the job completely which naturally was not what we wanted, especially as this was a niche market we were trying to join. Our aim has always been to have the happiest customers because we know that this is the best marketing effort in itself, leading to more opportunities and more customers. So we had to make a call.

How We Solved This

The first step was to keep the client. So we called the client and ensured him that we would get his job done, promising to deliver his jobs on one of the most recent technologies available those days. This naturally grabbed his attention and satisfaction, but it was also a risk factor as we had to work a lot more than it would usually require. We accepted to do extra work so we could keep the client.
Next step was when we got those other two projects off our shoulders so we could focus on this one. We did round-the-clock development just to make sure the project got up in time, and here is where the risk really paid off: it proved that our decision to work on the new technology was completely correct and the system could rapidly adapt to our client’s needs.
With this came the third step; the salary. The client was reluctant at first but when he began seeing the results, everything changed. Let me be brief in that our work still continues with this client to this day, and the payment we receive has almost doubled.

Lessons Learned

-          You should not be afraid of taking risks. Had we not done that, the entire contract would be lost
-          Development is a constant learning process. I learn new things in every project I work on and this allows us to be more efficient with each project.
-          It’s a fine step when to ask for increase in payments, and how much. I’ve seen contracts get lost just because of this issue. Personally I’m very conservative, but if it was not for my management we would still be on the same low payments as the first day. This is a risk too!
-          Caring is key. At the end of the day, the solution we offered was 150% to the benefit of the client and better than anything he anticipated. That’s what got us this far.

David Niki is the Operations Manager of Comelite ITSolutions. He has been in the software development industry since 1995, working on games, sites, desktop applications and mobile apps.

6 Advantages of the 2 Day Mobile App

Last week we published this article regarding the Instant Business App solution our company offers. Since then, more features have been added, so we are updating the writing.

A friend called me a while ago after visiting my blog about our Instant Business App solution on our company’s website, telling us that there are SaaS solutions that do not even require you to spend two days on your app – you can get them instantly. While I do admit that the online app building solutions are more flexible, there are some pitfalls which makes our “two day app” stand out – even in terms of speed:
1-      Not everyone is a techie. Sure, the argument here is that no coding is required. But still you must know a minimum of how to organize your buttons, how to offer the features, and what look to apply. You must also keep in mind that there are standards set for each platform, dictating how an app should look. At a minimum, you need consultation from a friend. Otherwise, you could risk being rejected by the app stores.
The thing about the “two day app” is that it requires no customization at all; only some skin and text changes. It is already based on industry best standards, and it has already been approved by the app stores. The user is getting more for their money, not less.
2-      One-time payment vs. recurring. SaaS systems typically charge on a monthly basis. That’s how they make their money after all. Over a period of time, your costs can increase beyond what you initially anticipated.
The two day app, on the other hand, is a one-time fixed payment only. There is only an annual fee of $99 and that is because of the Apple App Store price. And let me guess; this price is not even included in the price the SaaS companies charge you.
3-      One-stop shop for Android and iOS. Other companies require you to offer your Google Play and App Store accounts. You must solve the issue of getting an account with these companies, and this could delay (if not even cancel) your project. In another project, one of our clients had to delay the iOS app for two months before they could complete the account issue.
Compare this to a solution that relieves you from these hassles altogether.
4-      No setup hassles. This one we have in common with the SaaS systems in that we both offer hosting. Since we offer the hosting for the backend website too, you can just take your app, and it will just work! What sets us apart from the others is the Zero Hosting Fees. That is right, we are not charging you for any hosting at all. The only charging we take is equal to the Apple Appstore payment which you would need to give anyway. Compare this to the monthly or annual recurring payments you must give if you go with others.
5-      See everything upfront. The “two day app” is already published; uses may download samples of it and play with it. As such, the client knows exactly what they will get in the app. Compare this to a solution where nothing is defined in advance. We have also seen negative comments about the SaaS services, stating that things were not performing the way they were supposed to do. There are no such hidden caveats in our app.
6-      Offline capabilities. SaaS and online apps are designed to be online. At the time of this writing, we are not familiar with any SaaS which supports offline capabilities as well. Offline capabilities are complicated and require good coding to be applied properly. While this feature is a necessity especially in countries or locations with little or no internet connection, clients in those areas can simply not use those services as this feature is missing.
In the “two day app”, this feature is built-in. The app collects the data anytime it is online, and stores it for usage anytime it is disconnected. The client will never notice the difference.


Naturally I believe our solution is better – otherwise we would not have come up with it ;) I hope this post has clarified this point to you as well that not only is the “two day app” superior in terms of quality – it is really faster to get done too.

David Niki is the Operations Manager of Comelite ITSolutions. He has been in the software development industry since 1995, working on games, sites, desktop applications and mobile apps.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

4 Reasons to Why I Chose Comelite IT Solutions

أربعة براهين لإنتخابي كامليت

إن تجربة العثور على الشغل والوظيفة تعتبر ذاكرة عطرة  بين الناس بشكل عام  والشاب بوجه خاص
لكل شخص خريطة بعد تخرجه من الجامعة والاولى هي العثور على حرفة مناسبة.
قصتي قد بدات من هذا المبدء حيث كنت ابحث عن العمل وحرف مناسب في عديد من الشركات وبما انني كنت مطمئنة من  نجاحي في الاختبارات الشركات فان السوال الرئيس الذي واجهني كان اية شركة علي اختيارها  وتحديدها؟
اقول بكلمة وبالايجاز انني قد فحصت الشركات المختلفة والمتنوعة ومنتجا بذلك وببذل جهد واسعة  لمدة شهر ونصف وجدت طريقي الصحيح الى الكامليت .. وقد نجحت في الاختبار الاول للشركة ولكن لماذا كامليت ؟؟
اجل، انها شركة ترأسها امرأة فأعجبت بها  هذا هو الدليل الاول والبرهان الثاني لاختياري الشركة لم يكن الا عملها الواسع وتعميم الساحة الواسعة على صعيد الدولي وبالاحرى الشرق الاوسط فيما اجريت مشاريع عديدة في هذا القطاع وهذا ما لفت انتباهي الشخصي.
والدليل الثالث هو ان كامليت لم تهتم بتسويق وعرض منتجاتها فحسب بل وانها حاولت على تطوير وتقدم عملائها وزبائنها في تعاون ثنائي معهم .
وانني  قد لاحظت هذا الواقع في نهاية تنفيذ المشاريع كما اني وجدت هذه الحقيقة في عملنا المشترك مع زملائي في شركتنا هذه وهذه ليست امرا دعائيا فحسب بل  يطرح نفسه على ارض الواقع بمثابة قيم ذي العناية.
فإن برهاني الرابع لاختياري هذه الشركة والذي أثر على عملي وحياتي الشخصية، حيث وجدته نادرا في عالم التجارة وانه  العمل الجماعي لدى موظفي الكامليت . اي موظف يبدأ مشروعا ينتبه ويحترم وجهة النظر للاخرين بالدقة والصبر لتعزيز نوعية المشروع ويمتلك القدرة الكافية لاستماع الآخرين وياخذ آرائهم بعين الاعتبار رغم انه يخالف الآراء ووجهات النظر.
بعد هذه المقدمة لا يسعني الا أن اقول انني راضية من انتخابي ومتمنية الدوام واستمرار عملي في هذه الشركة .
ترى هل يمكن  ان تفوت الفرصة ولاتزورنا فى .....
جربوا ما كتبت لكم من تجربتي الشخصية بطلب واحد من كامليت واننا بانتظاركم.

Account Executive at Comelite IT Solutions

How to be loved by subordinates

In this article, I’m going to address one of the core issues regarding business. It’s been said that the world of trading, business and commerce, is “a dog-eat-dog world”. But that’s not quite the whole truth. Believe it or not, we often work with each other, bounded with a phenomenon contradicting the principal spirit of this game and its name is “trust”. We even risk our money, we gamble our investments and we keep believing in other people, even if we get screwed dozens of times. This is because we literally desire and need to trust and believe in others, as we want to be trusted and loved (you may call it “respected”) by others. I know how super-naive such words sound, but after 45 years of doing business in the States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and many Middle Eastern countries… I know what I’m saying. I’ve been trying to be cautious, even suspicious about my partners, competitors, even family members when it comes to money. But unfortunately (or the opposite), I every time came to the conclusion that “you can’t go to war alone”.
I wanted to tell you a story that has struck me at most. A few years ago, when I took my chance in an overseas construction firm, I learned something that I’ll never forget. My boss, Mike the general manager was sitting in his office and speaking to someone on the phone. I was shocked, when I discovered that the other guy, a full grown man, was crying!! I was curious and hid myself behind the door and listened to figure out what was going on. The other man seemed to be a supervisor in a construction project in Afghanistan, one of his employees. He was claiming and chiding about his boss, the project manager and telling my boss how he, an American citizen, was misbehaving, ordering people around and humiliating the native labors and other Pilipino supervisors. Most of all, he told Mike how he was embarrassed by his boss in front of the whole crew. The man finished his claims with an indirect threat to resign.
I watched Mike’s reactions and awaited his response. After a while, and when the other man finished talking, Mike, who usually tended to speak loudly, lowered his voice and started to talk to his employee. He guaranteed him to talk to the PM, but also mentioned the reason, why his behavior had changed those days. He disclosed that our company had trouble with its suppliers, subcontractors and even some strikes that had led to some budget cuts. After all, he apologized on behalf of his project manager and also criticized himself being too busy and not to visit “his friends” at work. Finally, he assured him to go over to the site, and get things rolling again. After Mike had finished talking, the man burst in tears again, this time thanking him and calling Mike “a great man” with a “big heart”. He was very appreciative and told Mike about his own faults and negligence during work. And he apologized, even telling him that his boss has been too patient with himself…! I couldn’t believe my ears. This “one-sided court” had turned around. To cut it short, I learned my lesson from Mike, without any long speeches. He didn’t increase his salary or make fake promises. He just listened to him. He discovered his inner pain and what had hurt him most. He respected him, so he earned his respect understandably. Mike criticized himself and lowered his position, in order to win something very very valuable: his trust. And… he achieved it. He knew that hatred is an unending cycle. The only thing that can end this is quite the opposite: Love!
When we do business, we initially tend to mistrust others. But the only thing that can bridge relations and strategic partnerships has a simple formula: L.R.L: That means “Listen, respect and love” others, so that others treat you this way.

By David Niki the Operations Manager of Comelite ITSolutions.

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