Tuesday, 14 July 2015

4 reasons I chose Comelite

Finding the right work experience must be a common moment for all of us especially the youth. After graduating from University the first plan of life is to find the right job. For everything started at this point too and to find that very job I searched within many companies. I had the chance of being hired at many companies and the issue for me was which one I would choose? That one week I put into searching for the right company resulted to me joining Comelite. Everything went according to my plan and I passed the company test successfully. The question remains to be, why did I choose Comelite?

The Chief Executive at Comelite was a woman and this was the first thing that caught my eye. Second reason was for the company being international spread and deeply dug into the MENA region, which was personally important for me.
The third reason was that Comelite did not only want to pose its services on their customer but rather to make the customer’s business run smoother and I practically picked this up from the customer’s reaction after my first assignment. I saw this strength among all my colleagues at Comelite very much and was satisfied that this was not just advertising but a work skill within them.
The fourth reason that affected me a lot even in my personal life was that the employees at Comelite worked together as a team. When a team starts working on a project they commit themselves to listen to what other teams have to say and this helps them in raising quality in their work. Even if they don’t so much agree to it and this work ability truly inspired me.

I have happily proud of my choice and wish to stay at this company for long years ahead. Mentioning all this I invite you to see our website www.comelite.net and make your request so you gain first-hand experience and knowledge.

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