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Comelite’s 3 Key Factors to a Successful Business

Starting and running a successful business can be rewarding and challenging. Success requires focus, discipline and communication skills. However, success will not come over night - it requires a long-term focus and that you remain consistent in challenging environments.
Every company and business has their own philosophy and strategy of a successful business, and you could find them all on the internet. These are common points shared among all and the main rules will be the same everywhere, whether in US, Europe, MENA or the Far East.
Business is Business everywhere!

At Comelite, though, we have tried to fit all the key factors in just 3 major steps. Not that we don’t agree with the rest; we actually do but they can be fitted under these categories.

Comelite defines a successful business as:
1.  Your Interest Is Our Interest
2.  Multi Dimensioned Services
3. Company Management by Women

1.      Your interest is our interest
Every company, business, organization etc. needs to sell its products, services, consultancy and projects and everyone knows that when they approach you. At Comelite, what has made us successful in selling our services and competing our competitors, is our customers’ interest, need and development. So it’s not all about selling to us.
We just don’t care or try to sell and fill in our pockets, we try to provide what’s best for our clients, its company and business development and promotion on the online market.
That’s maybe why we chose to expand into MENA as well.
Once MENA started to develop its countries back in the early millennium, we thought of also expanding in this region to assist and enhance companies to develop themselves on the online market as we provide the most primary appearance and awareness features of a business online. This is also why we first started with web development and then expanded to apps., management systems, videos etc. as the technology on the online world also developed itself.
What’s important, is to see that our customer is satisfied from our work, customer service and support. Therefore, our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction, which is first built on customer’s interest, making it your own interest. Caring about what your customer needs and trying to fulfill it with every solution that you can provide and to the last bit. We don’t try to push our own beneficial interest or item on the customer, we learn the problem, the need and then fit our services to the customer’s interest. That’s how we do the job right and please our customers.

2.      Multi Dimensioned Services

As mentioned above, Comelite first started with a small team of web developers. As technology also rapidly expanded in to the online market, Comelite came into a conclusion that website alone cannot be the solution to all businesses for their online presence and advertisement, to get themselves known and sell their products… Thus, Comelite thought of expanding its services to meet the new standard and be the one and only solution. Yet, being all the way in US and working globally, with a wide new presence in MENA, how could we provide some basic hardware that is also needed for online presence?

In conclusion, Comelite started to expand its services one by one, providing a whole spectrum of software and advertisement, which could be easily done remotely.
This is when web development with its full package of SEO and social media came into service to resolve online and digital marketing, then came graphical and branding services, mobile applications for all smartphones, management systems and videoand media production. Anything that can do with a company’s online awareness, advertisement and customer attraction!
Comelite recently established a sister company which provides architectural services such as sketching, designing, rendering and interior \ exterior designing.
It is with our multi-dimensional services that have also worked successfully, especially in establishing long-term business relationships and clients.

3.      Company Management by Women
The company SEO is Sara Lee and many of the department managers are women, like marketing, business, technical, architectural etc.
I am not a feminist myself, but in experience, it seems that our women managers have well organized the departments and projects; from working with employees to customers.
Women’s major characteristics of caring, collaboration, listening skills, focus on development, and valuing different opinions is probably the reason that has built their relationship with both the employees and clients.
According to a research done by PA Consulting Group, the public reports of 50 U.S. and U.K. companies over a six-year period to reveal that companies with female leaders generated higher total shareholder return.

In conclusion, it is greatly advised to approach Comelite IT Solutions Company for your online presence, to get your job done in its best way and be happy throughout your business.
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Written by Mona Miles, Business and Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Solutions Co 

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