Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Inspiration of the becoming a customer at Comelite Architecture & Structure (CAS)

Our formation was solely based on developing individual Architecture & Structure skills. Just like nature though this development grew strong and rapid due to committed work and lots of effort. By focusing on our main powers we are now able to manage 20 projects a month.

My tool of action is Auto CAD and for that I take over the CAD designing and use the software packages to design your new extension or conversion very quickly and efficiently. I use your given measurements to create the required turn around then return it back to you for commission.

Next I offer you illustrations to help visualize how your new extension or conversion would look, and I will continue to redesign your proposals until you are 100% happy with the design. From here I can finalize the plans ready for submitting to your local authority as a formal planning application or for a lawful certificate.

About surveying; it has always worked best to receive your own hand drawn sketches, illustrating your idea because it brings out the true nature of your necessity. At least it gives us a heads up to what you are expecting.

Once we have copied all of our data from the survey onto the computer we can start to design your new extension or conversion and email to you any sketched illustrations that will help you visualize the proposals more easily. By this point, the majority of our responsibility to achieve the final work is complete.

For accurate plans, once we have the design that you are happy with, we will finalize the accurate planning drawings which will include the existing and proposed floor plans and elevations, illustrations, block plans and location plans.

 We take care of all the council documents and the submission of your application and liaise with the council throughout the planning process.

This process remains to be the calmest and most sufficient way of dealing with our new customer’s request. Please make your contact with me today and observe for yourself how CAS runs your train to victory for making your property right.

Hope you enjoyed your time with me and thank you for being my listener.

Member of the Architecture Managing Board and The Group of Process Creation at Comelite Int.


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