Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New Comelite Testimonial : Oman Fiber Optic Company

Comelite IT Solutions launched ​this website for Oman Fiber Optic Company.
It is a traditional Oman website combined with new technologies such as CSS5, JQuery and HTML5.

What this company says about us:

On behalf  of Oman  Fiber Optic Company, I would like to thank  Comelite Team  for the professional work  carried out  during the construction and build  of the OFO New Web Site.  As well as their cooperative interaction and  customer services.

This was a challenging task, considering that  requirement and functional specifications were  not clear.  In fact Comelite team  has guided and helped  us in bringing clarity in the functional and requirements specification and in the design  of the web pages.

Comelite has done  a good job  in building a Responsive web site  in accordance to our specific inquiry.
The project has been managed professionally and  it completed on time and  within the budget.

We look  forward to future business  association with  Comelite and also recommend them to other  companies for an online  branding innovation

Well done and congratulations.

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