Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Fastest Growing Content Medium - Online Video

Why Online Video Is The Fastest Growing Content Medium

In the good old days everything was simpler. Everyone could work the TV as it only had a few buttons on the front of it, and you didn’t need a degree to understand everything that was happening on your car dashboard. And this was especially true of advertising.

If your company had a lot of money then you put it into TV advertising. Everybody watched TV and everybody watched the same programs at the same time.

If you didn’t have a lot of money then you would advertise in print magazines, or through local print mediums. Of course the Internet has smashed all that traditional ease to pieces.

The shift away from the TV set has made advertising online far more common, dramatically fragmenting the global marketplace.

With the rapid growth in faster broadband speeds and the increasing use of mobile device on the move, that shift has been increasingly into online video marketing.

Online Video Marketing Is Becoming A Huge Slice Of The Pie

The emergence of advertising formats that allow brands to easily integrate interactive content on to publisher sites has made it really easy to undertake online advertising campaigns.

When you add to that mix the development of social platforms to deliver video, you can see why video advertising is growing. To give you a sense of the scale, advertising spend on online video content jump to 34% in 2014 alone.

Annual growth is predicted to be almost 30% until in 2017 it will account for nearly 4% of total global advertising spend,  double its current rate.

Trust is the other side of the coin which is allowing video advertising to grow so dramatically.

End users are beginning to trust video content implicitly. This is because sites like YouTube, and every day delivery through mobile phones has normalized online video consumption.

Advertisers are also gaining trust. The days of scamming people through miss-counting views and clicks, or redirecting people to poor quality sites are coming to an end in mainstream advertising.

Instead, high-quality ad serving platforms are working with advertisers to deliver high levels of security and analytical data they can use to refine their campaigns.

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