Monday, 31 August 2015

Why websites should all be using video

Video continues to grow in popularity as a provocative way to share information online. When it comes to promoting and selling products or services, a video — or a series of them — can help spell out details, imbuing them with cinematic dimension.

Defining and describing a product or service is a common rationale for using video. Literally, the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of an object can be elegantly represented in a video.

Here are current examples of way that you can use videos well, to enhance the impression of what they’re offering.

-  You can invite prospective customers to view a short film in your homepage. The video can show a scenario, starring your product as an integral part of a workflow involving common roles, clearly labeled: designer, project manager, and client.

-  Video can be used to virtually provide a product demonstration. An online video tour can show off

your product’s features. A video acting as a background. For example when your customers view a product from your website, they can see a video playing behind its description. The video, acting as a background, allows the viewer to gain an idea of the speaker’s scale.

-   Using video as TV ads. Certain product areas of their website have sections dedicated to showcasing videos. For example the page for the iPhone 6 displays multiple cues directing users to relevant videos. These include product videos, the TV ads, and the specific keynote speech where the product was first introduced.


Beyond demonstrating functionality, video can help visitors visualize character of a brand and imbue
an appropriate mood. Some videos seek to convey the idea of a modern, comfortable home. Apple’s videos famously promote the simple elegance of their products. The videos for Harvest and Pencil show professional people hard at work in pleasant environments.

Every video will help to evoke a tone, crafted to align with the company and their identity or image. When used as part of an expression-making toolkit, video provides another opportunity of discovery, adjacent to other complementary ways of displaying information and visualizing a narrative voice. Videography is a companion method of communication to copywriting, photography, and illustration. What differentiates videography is the potential for moving image and sound to galvanize positive impressions.

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by Tanja Weber

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