Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to Build a Website for a Small Business

Working out how to build a website for a small business may seem scary at first, but it is really quite simple. You yourself probably know what works and doesn’t work on a webpage through experience. You don’t want to create one of those cringe worthy websites that have the multi-coloured fonts and flying fairy gifs with the 90s and gradient backgrounds that look as if they have been ripped off an early 2000s PowerPoint slide. When looking at how to build a successful website there are some easy website design tips that will make your page look professional and user friendly.

Keep it Simple
A floating gif of a West African butterfly and the scrolling banner with strawberries may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you want the honest truth it is tacky. There are other ways to create a unique website design while still showing the fun and creativity in your business. To create a contemporary website design that works use a simple design, a simple colour scheme and layout and try to limit your clicks. Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. If they find what they need quickly they may even spend that spare time looking at some other features or stories on your page.

Your webpage should not be a game for a user. You should put your most important information on your main page and make it easy to access. Users like quick and easy. If your site bears a striking similarity to a labyrinth, visitors will lose interest and look elsewhere.

Fonts and Images
Make sure your images are the right dimensions and place them in a neat fashion. Use fonts that work well on webpages like Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana and Times New Roman.

Contact Information
Possibly one of the most important pages of your website. Your website should invite your visitors into a conversation. You need your address, mobile and fax details to be easily accessible. It is important to set up an email address so users can interact with you for general inquiries, any complaints and other information.

Interactive Web Design
If you are selling things from your website your will also need to set up PayPal or institute ecommerce website design software. With this function you will also need to provide shipping information and refund and exchange policies for users.

These are a few simple small business essentials on how to build a successful website.
 To begin designing your website you can use a free website builder and hire out website professionals to help you on your journey.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lights, camera, action: How to make social video marketing a success

Video consumption, both online and mobile, is growing. And growing rapidly. According to research by Experian Hitwise, UK visits to online video sites grew by 36% between September 2010 and September 2011, and in September 2011 there were over 785 million visits to video sites from the UK internet population, accounting for over 4% of all internet visits. With smartphones continuing to grow in popularity, viewers watch more than 400 million videos from mobile devices each day
But it’s not just video watching that is enjoying a surge in popularity, it's also video sharing. Last week, a 30-minute video about an African warlord became a web phenomenon, racking up over 50 million viewings in a matter of days since it was uploaded. The video, dubbed KONY 2012, attracted over one million 'likes' - and 50,000 dislikes - and related topics spent much of the past week trending on Twitter.
While the campaign has attracted controversy, the film-makers had achieved the virality that they had planned for - the video delivered remarkable awareness of their message.
Marketers are seeing the advertising opportunity created by the growing popularity of online video and steering their budget towards it in an attempt to create engaging branded content. 
Fatia SH, Media Product Manager of Comelite IT Solutions, explains that as more people watch videos online, advertisers understand they need to be where their audiences are. “More and more brands are realizing that, so the budgets are increasing dramatically,” she says. “There are some brands that are making social video the very heart of their advertising strategy and really harnessing the power of the format to engage and make an emotional connection with their audiences and influence them, as well as build relationships.”

 “Video content in particular is expensive so it needs to be funded, but the one drawback of the web is that people have got used to the idea of content being free. There are two forces working in parallel - one is that it needs to be paid for and so publishers of any description are always looking for a way to pay for that content; and the other parallel is that marketers are always looking for engaged audiences to put their brands in front of.”

Social power

But video advertising can be worth every penny of the investment if it is shared. A recent study by Unruly Media and Decipher Research to measure the effectiveness of video advertising found that viewers are more likely to recall a branded video if it has been recommended than when viewed through browsing. Viewers are also more likely to engage with an ad’s message when the video has been recommended than when encountered through browsing, according to the study.
Videos can be shared across the usual social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as blogs. Google’s social network has been particularly hailed as effective for brand advertisement, as videos can be shared to a much more targeted audience via circles. As owner of YouTube, the Google+ hangout feature means YouTube videos can be viewed by multiple people sharing in the viewing experience. Videos can also be shared across the network and viewers can register their liking of the video via the +1 button.
New social network on the block Pinterest is also being collared as an effective platform to share video. Pinterest users can use the ‘Pin it’ bookmarklet to redirect YouTube videos to their ‘pin boards’ which other users can then ‘repin’ to their own boards, comment and like. Although the network only currently supports videos from YouTube, they are working on adding support for other video sites.

Optimizing video

For brands still in the early stages of optimizing social video marketing, Fatia explains that “Content is King”. Here, she provides some advice:
•Content - create content that people want to watch. If they enjoy it, they'll share it.
•Portable - make it as easy as possible for people to share.
•Longevity - create content that will deliver long-term value to the brand.
•Budget - invest in your video strategy.

Speaking on the masses of content uploaded to YouTube each second, she says: “The battle for brands is to win consumer's attention. That's why it's important to have a distribution strategy, to make sure brands are working with partners to hit their target audience and to make sure the content is in places where it's going to be enjoyed, going to be shared and really get the results that it wants.”

The future of video

With the viewing and spending reported to continue increasing, online video advertising shows no signs of slowing down. Fatia SH says: “It’s been a bright spark in the overall advertising marketplace for a few years but it’s still a massive opportunity that's unrealized.
“The ability to tell a story across multiple screens is still not being talked about. Brands often talk about frequency capping but that's missing the point - what if your user is interested in your brand but they're fed up of seeing that one ad three or four times? They still want to see your brand.”
He concludes: “Instead of frequency capping, frequency serve. Change the creative you serve depending on whether the user is seeing any of those ads before. We’re going to see continued growth in the medium both in the viewers and in spend and you'll see a layer of knowledge being applied so it can be bought, sold and applied in a much more effective way.”

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Skills Story final full HD - Video by Comelite - Hear the client

This video has been provided in whiteboard style.
As you see by its title, the video presents a story.
You can see the fantastic production in whiteboard animation style with high quality and concentration:

This video has been produced and animated by the script and the drawings of the client himself, who is a skilled artist.
The process of this video was that, as we produced each scene, we checked it with the client and after his approval went forward to the next stage and continued all the stages of the project till the end.
This made us speed up the procedure and obtain client satisfaction, and prevented the redoing of projects.
This is a routine of the projects in Comelite. Our media production teams have gained this after many years of hard work.
At Comelite each producer checks and consults on his/her work with other producers and then sends it to the client.
The result of this cooperation is a good presentation and improved quality of work.
Whiteboard production takes much time and concentration but the result is incredible.

Try it once for your company and you will see the result.

  Bill Hinsch: Comlite helped me in a time of need

Recently I hired Comlite to help me with an explainer video, for the skill Organization in Auckland, NZ. The video was a combination of whiteboard animation and traditional kinetic motion graphics. I was very pleased with both the professionalism and flexibility that Comlite gave to me. First of all, I had a constrained budget that required Comlite to do more work than was supported by the price I could pay, they were very gracious in working with me to gain a win-win situation that allowed production to be handled at a very high quality level while still maintaining the price that I needed. Best of all, the motion graphics editor I was assigned to was a real delight to work with. Maria Bennett provided not only top grade expertise in using After Effects and Premiere but a fine sensibility
injecting her own thoughts and creativity that made the video better than if I had had to dictate everything that happens in the video. The net result of my great experience with Comlite is that they will be a long term partner with me on all of my video production. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a top drawer production capability in Video, professional communications, and timely response to questions and concerns.

Bill Hinsch
CEO Learning Visuals

Monday, 21 September 2015

What Andrea Engineering Tests Laboratory says about Comelite IT Solutions

Here at Comelite IT Solutions we just finished an elegant responsive CMS website created in Joomla 3.1 for ANDREA ENGINEERING TESTS LABORATORY a civil engineering company in Iraq.
It consists of different modules and components such as animated gallery, contact us with Google Map, services and full mobile compatibility.

Hear what the client says about Comelite IT Solutions

Dear Sirs/ Ma’an,

COMELITE has approached our firm on 2014 to update our website that has been outdated.
After viewing the capabilities of COMELITE via their brochures among other firms in the same line of business approached us, we have decided to award the task of updating our website to COMELITE.
The focal point at that time from COMLITE side was Ms. Nadia Kamel.
In short period of time, and after furnishing the need statement to COMELITE, they have come up with various proposals on how our website should look like and we have chosen a certain interface that best presents our line of business.
The job has been performed professionally in short period of time and up to our expectation that encouraged us to propose their services to other firms around.
Based on their performance, we highly recommend them for current and future tasks worldwide and without dispute; our firm would be their repetitive Client.
For further information you can visit our website: (www.andrealab.com)

Best regards

Azad Abbas Ahmed, Ph.D (C.E.)
Director General

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Even if you are one of the few that actually did their company website themselves, you need to take a look at how you present your company and your products or service on your home page. You may be resistant to changing your “baby” but keeping the same old page means you lose customers, will not be found by new customer’s, and will end up last on search lists.

You need to look at your entire web presence and manage that presence as a unified sales tool. Granted redoing your website may be expensive and time consuming but if you cannot compete you will not stay in business.

This is the system that works. Look at everything you are doing and make lists of what is working for you and what is not. Working for you means bringing traffic to your site but it also means selling to all the markets with all the tools you can.

Get in the present.

Your site may be using displays and photos that are not handled well be the newest versions of most ISPs. The idea is to change to the best display method that allows your site to be accessed by more potential clients. Some clients may not even know you exist because your website is so old that their wireless phone or PC just cannot see your site.

Appearance is everything in on-line sales. Look at what your competition is doing to enhance the eye appeal of their sites and products. If you cannot match what your competitors are doing it is definitely time to update your site. Appearance also includes a look that says secure and trustworthy.

You need to make your site compliant with what Google demands from its present search engine criteria. Yes, that means rethinking any idea you had of keywords and rewriting the scripts on every page of your website. Google’s Panda looks for content quality as opposed to keywords so if you cannot produce high quality copy get a pro to help you.

Redoing your site to be compliant with Google means you get to the top of local, national, and international search pages. Being at the top of search pages means you get more hits to your site and more hits means more money for you.

Make your site accessible to all media.

The majority of sales made in the world through websites have been done over the phone for the last several years. If your website is not perfectly compatible with phone access then you will miss out on sales. The trend is not destined to change in the near future so an investment in upgrading your site to a phone friendly sales force is a necessity to stay competitive.

Coordinate what you do on social media with your home site. You may just need to add links and start a social media campaign. More people rely on the opinions expressed in social media as guides for their buying decisions than ever before. If you do not have a social media presence then no one will be talking about your business.

Do not go social media crazy at the expense of any other sales potential your website can provide for you. Spending all your time and money on your social media site means you do not see new customers that do not do social media.

The basic idea is simple. Regular updates of your website make your site user friendly and make you more money.

If you need help setting up or maintaining your web site, contact Comelite IT Solutions of  ‎+1 (914) 352 1019‎ or email info@comelite.net

Thursday, 17 September 2015

How can small businesses develop?

Is there any way that small businesses can compete larger ones? Or as a small business will you be eliminated from the business circle? Or could you make a good earning in a very short time?
These are the questions and problems small businesses face every day in the world of business.

If you talk to a small business owner or its management board, if you even search small business on the internet, there is one common cry that shouts “we cannot compete the large firms” and “I have to do it all myself!”
Small businesses and their owners usually complain about the lack of capital and effective marketing. How should they get and then keep the customers and clients. Do the services really satisfy the customers’ needs or is it too complicated. If they don’t have enough sales and revenue, then how would they be able to pay the employees and company expenses.
And will they finally be eliminated from the circle of business!
Had better not established one, instead of bearing all the hassle.

All these complaints may be true but there is always a solution to every problem and the key word is not to give up. This is when you can learn from others’ experiences, talk to those who have already succeeded these stages and have their foot kept on the ground going well.Some common solutions that you can even find on the net are to take advantage of your differences with large companies and compete as a different business; recognize that you have a lot of potential to be better and stronger in ways they can’t; don’t keep your business isolated and try to even outsource companies with similar services; as a new firm, you’ll probably need to do something better, cheaper, faster, or amazingly different to give you a difference and standout from your competitors; define your advertising goals; update or upgrade your technology and many more…

These are probably solutions that every growing business has once experienced, as we have too; yet, I’d like to open your minds and introduce you to some specific and unique experiences that our company, Comelite IT Co. has challenged these years to develop itself.

Group work
At Comelite all departments work closely together as a whole group. Everyone takes the responsibility of a part of the project to proceed smoothly and on time and the job is mostly divided based on the positive features and abilities of each person. Everyone should know the work in order to replace each other in times of need so we don’t fall behind schedule.

Committees and meetings
When a project is assigned or an obstacle is met to proceed on, group meetings and committees are held at different stages and levels to reach the best result. Nothing is decided personally, even by the highest management. It all goes through several meetings to make the final decision. In the meetings, everyone’s point of view is paid attention to and evaluated.

Customer service
We identify the customers’ potential needs and then figure out where we can provide the best solution. The key is to understand your client, know who they are and what they need. We then show our customers that our care is not costly, as we would like to solve their problem and enhance their business, while also doing the business. This is when our flexibility, guaranteed support and a more personalized interaction comes along. We make their experience with our business as fabulous as it can be and this is why they do not want to leave us as currently we have many long-term clients. Always keep in mind that how you could do better and what can be added for your client.

Challenging obstacles
One problem that tends to deactivate small businesses into progressing is facing tough barriers. At Comelite, we don’t recognize anything as an obstacle that can’t be solved. We challenge the problem, recognize the realities and find a solution to it. This is when we never say no to what can be done.

Company slogan
You should always have a winning ticket that will differentiate your company from others and even the big guys.
FedEx overnight moves freight but sells dependability, Starbucks serves coffee but sells community, Apple makes phones and iPads but sells fashion and design. At Comelite we provide IT and marketing services but sell guaranteed support and trustworthiness. What do your customers want from you?

So don’t hesitate if you are new to the market and business or if you are small. The motto is “work hard and never give up” you will definitely see the preferable result soon.
You can also reach out to Kabbage Company if you are short on budget and want to start or improve your business.

Written by Mona Miles, Business and Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Solutions Co.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Moonline video full HD

This is an explainer video in 2D animation style by vector images.
The video introduces the services of Moonline Travel and Tourism, in Iraqi Kurdistan.
The script of this video has been provided by Comelite’s scenarist team, a strong scenario along with high quality graphic design.

As we always say at Comelite, design and development are constant learning processes. In the video we used the infographic style combined with 2D animation, which gave us great results.
We did our best to offer all aspects of quality to Moonline Company so the customer would be familiar with all services of the company and use the benefits of it after seeing the video.
Using the psychology of colors and proper colors, adjustment of abbreviation and strong scenario, a good presentation, and using proper music and providing qualified voiceover are the advantages of this video.
This video was rendered in high quality and HD and was delivered to Moonline Company in time.
The client was delighted with Comelite and gave a testimonial which you can see 
Read More

Sunday, 13 September 2015

2015: The year of video marketing

By Anna Williams

Online video is a huge phenomenon. Think again. Video is a channel of content marketing that is perfect for reaching clients. Here’s why professional services, firms should focus their efforts on video marketing in 2015.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.

65% of video viewers watch more than 3 / 4 of a video.

78% of people watch videos online every week. And 55% of     people watch videos online every day.

69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing and another 31% are planning to.

First off, utilizing video in your content marketing efforts will no doubt improve your SEO. In fact, according to ComScore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.

Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. And while we’re in the midst of what some might call a content-overload for consumers, capturing attention is particularly key.

We’ve heard over and over that visual content is the key to great engagement. Video is no exception. So when you’re considering what types of posts to schedule on social networks in the coming weeks, think video: audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.

65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is more than we can say about text-based content. So if you have a message to get across video might be the way to go.

By Anna Williams Social Media Communication Manager, Comelite IT Solutions.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

If you decide to build a mobile app for your business, it's important to be clear about your objectives from the start and strategize around them.

What are the ways that you can harness the power of mobile apps? Here are four of the most popular routes to choose from.

1. Customer engagement.
The best thing about the mobile channel is that it gives companies the potential to engage with their customers in real-time, by location and complete with profile information.

If done right, you can turn those engaged customers into revenue generating ones. Take for instance Kraft's iFood Assistant. The application offers over 2000 recipes, many of them using Kraft products with shopping lists, interactive deals and coupon features to incentivize shoppers. The app also includes social sharing capabilities, allowing consumers to share recipes with friends on social networks.

2. Customer service and support.
Making it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your company and offering them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services can be a great reason to develop a mobile app.

Digital Federal Credit Union, based in Marlborough, Mass., has launched an app called Mobile PC Deposit that allows members to deposit a check using the iPhone and Android-based smartphones, among other platforms. This makes customers' lives easier and is a value-add to their existing service.

3. Promotion.
One of the most popular means to monetize is offering coupons. And mobile adds an interesting layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. Imagine being the owner of an apparel store in downtown New York with thousands of people walking within a one mile radius of your outlet. If they were to get notified on their mobile phones with a coupon from your store when walking by, you'd increase the likelihood of having them visit by providing a timely reason.

4. If you sell your products or services online, a mobile app may be an option worth considering. This gives your customers the mobility to do the same things they would traditionally have done sitting at their desks, but on their phones.

There are many examples for this in which online retailers have extended their offerings to customers who want to shop on-the-go using their mobile phones. If you're a service company, you too can capture a larger share of the market, as, for example, Dropbox did.

Think of creative ways to capture your existing or potential customers' attention, enhance your offerings, entice people to buy and make life easier for your customer and you'll reap the results.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Role of Your Logo in Branding Strategy?

When I speak about branding it's not uncommon for people to mistake their logo as their "branding". Your logo is only one piece of your branding strategy. Your logo is a symbol that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer.

Before beginning the process of logo creation be sure that you have developed your brand strategy.

Why? Your logo is like a small ad for your company, without the strategy behind it a logo can put across the wrong message and in return weaken your strategy. You want to keep your brand message consistent to help increase consumer recognition.

How do you know when you are ready to move to the process of having your logo created?

The mission of your logo is to portray the values and goals of your company. Make sure that these are clearly established before venturing out to find a logo designer.

Be clear about the message you want your brand to convey so that your logo can clearly reflect that message. You must have a strong association between your brand and your logo. Remember it is only one piece of your branding strategy.
Your logo should reflect professionalism and growth no matter how small your company is.
If you are designing your logo in-house to save money be sure to market-test your efforts.
Make sure that the logo you select is not dated but can be used effectively year after year. Keep in mind it is how consumers will recognize your company.
The conclusion of the role your logo plays in your branding strategy can be summed up in the following statement.

Confident branding and a strong branding strategy uses design to communicate a message that attracts the target audience that you want to attract - a message that creates confidence in your brand while differentiating between you and your competitors. Does your logo fulfill this mission? If your answer is no it may be time to consider strengthening your brand strategy and looking at a new logo to re-position your company.

At Comelite IT Solutions we believe in giving you the best logo you deserve.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Mobile App

If you're a small or medium sized business and you've been wondering whether or not you need a mobile app, you really need to step back and answer this question so you can take action. If you don't, you're going to find that your competition may be able to get an edge and do better than you. To help, we're going to list the reasons you should have a mobile application no matter what type of business you're in.

Why You Need a Mobile App :

Here's a look at several specific reasons you need a mobile app for your small business.

- Marketing - One of the biggest reasons you're going to want a mobile app is so that you can effectively market your business. No matter what industry you're in, there's a good chance that you benefit from more people knowing about you. Having a mobile app will give you a chance to get your message out without having to pay to advertise elsewhere. As you know, marketing and advertising can cost quite a bit of money these days. If you have your own mobile app, you can speak directly to your customers.

- Revenue - Speaking of money, mobile apps are also a good source of revenue for some industries.
Making money from a mobile app isn't always going to be possible - or even easy - but it can be a revenue stream that helps improve your bottom line considerably. The good news is that there a lot of different ways to monetize your app once you get it designed and released.

- Reach - Even if you have a website, if it's not easily read on smartphones or other mobile devices, there's a good chance you're not reaching as many people as you could be reaching on a daily basis. These days every penny counts, and the more people you can reach the better your chances of being successful.

- Networking - Last but certainly not least, having a mobile app for your small business is going to help with your networking. While this may not be as beneficial as the other three items mentioned above, it's still good for your business. If you can grow your network by having a mobile app that creates a lot of buzz, you're going to benefit for months and years to come.

As mentioned above, to succeed in the world today, you really need to make sure you're able to be reached by mobile devices because this is where most people are finding information these days. If you're a small business owner who does not have a mobile app, leave a comment below and let us know why. On the other side of the coin, if you're a consumer, take a moment or two to give us your thoughts on why you like mobile apps from small businesses.

Get a Special Restaurant App: a Table Top Digital Menu

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