Thursday, 17 September 2015

How can small businesses develop?

Is there any way that small businesses can compete larger ones? Or as a small business will you be eliminated from the business circle? Or could you make a good earning in a very short time?
These are the questions and problems small businesses face every day in the world of business.

If you talk to a small business owner or its management board, if you even search small business on the internet, there is one common cry that shouts “we cannot compete the large firms” and “I have to do it all myself!”
Small businesses and their owners usually complain about the lack of capital and effective marketing. How should they get and then keep the customers and clients. Do the services really satisfy the customers’ needs or is it too complicated. If they don’t have enough sales and revenue, then how would they be able to pay the employees and company expenses.
And will they finally be eliminated from the circle of business!
Had better not established one, instead of bearing all the hassle.

All these complaints may be true but there is always a solution to every problem and the key word is not to give up. This is when you can learn from others’ experiences, talk to those who have already succeeded these stages and have their foot kept on the ground going well.Some common solutions that you can even find on the net are to take advantage of your differences with large companies and compete as a different business; recognize that you have a lot of potential to be better and stronger in ways they can’t; don’t keep your business isolated and try to even outsource companies with similar services; as a new firm, you’ll probably need to do something better, cheaper, faster, or amazingly different to give you a difference and standout from your competitors; define your advertising goals; update or upgrade your technology and many more…

These are probably solutions that every growing business has once experienced, as we have too; yet, I’d like to open your minds and introduce you to some specific and unique experiences that our company, Comelite IT Co. has challenged these years to develop itself.

Group work
At Comelite all departments work closely together as a whole group. Everyone takes the responsibility of a part of the project to proceed smoothly and on time and the job is mostly divided based on the positive features and abilities of each person. Everyone should know the work in order to replace each other in times of need so we don’t fall behind schedule.

Committees and meetings
When a project is assigned or an obstacle is met to proceed on, group meetings and committees are held at different stages and levels to reach the best result. Nothing is decided personally, even by the highest management. It all goes through several meetings to make the final decision. In the meetings, everyone’s point of view is paid attention to and evaluated.

Customer service
We identify the customers’ potential needs and then figure out where we can provide the best solution. The key is to understand your client, know who they are and what they need. We then show our customers that our care is not costly, as we would like to solve their problem and enhance their business, while also doing the business. This is when our flexibility, guaranteed support and a more personalized interaction comes along. We make their experience with our business as fabulous as it can be and this is why they do not want to leave us as currently we have many long-term clients. Always keep in mind that how you could do better and what can be added for your client.

Challenging obstacles
One problem that tends to deactivate small businesses into progressing is facing tough barriers. At Comelite, we don’t recognize anything as an obstacle that can’t be solved. We challenge the problem, recognize the realities and find a solution to it. This is when we never say no to what can be done.

Company slogan
You should always have a winning ticket that will differentiate your company from others and even the big guys.
FedEx overnight moves freight but sells dependability, Starbucks serves coffee but sells community, Apple makes phones and iPads but sells fashion and design. At Comelite we provide IT and marketing services but sell guaranteed support and trustworthiness. What do your customers want from you?

So don’t hesitate if you are new to the market and business or if you are small. The motto is “work hard and never give up” you will definitely see the preferable result soon.
You can also reach out to Kabbage Company if you are short on budget and want to start or improve your business.

Written by Mona Miles, Business and Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Solutions Co.

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