Monday, 14 September 2015

Moonline video full HD

This is an explainer video in 2D animation style by vector images.
The video introduces the services of Moonline Travel and Tourism, in Iraqi Kurdistan.
The script of this video has been provided by Comelite’s scenarist team, a strong scenario along with high quality graphic design.

As we always say at Comelite, design and development are constant learning processes. In the video we used the infographic style combined with 2D animation, which gave us great results.
We did our best to offer all aspects of quality to Moonline Company so the customer would be familiar with all services of the company and use the benefits of it after seeing the video.
Using the psychology of colors and proper colors, adjustment of abbreviation and strong scenario, a good presentation, and using proper music and providing qualified voiceover are the advantages of this video.
This video was rendered in high quality and HD and was delivered to Moonline Company in time.
The client was delighted with Comelite and gave a testimonial which you can see 
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