Saturday, 26 September 2015

Skills Story final full HD - Video by Comelite - Hear the client

This video has been provided in whiteboard style.
As you see by its title, the video presents a story.
You can see the fantastic production in whiteboard animation style with high quality and concentration:

This video has been produced and animated by the script and the drawings of the client himself, who is a skilled artist.
The process of this video was that, as we produced each scene, we checked it with the client and after his approval went forward to the next stage and continued all the stages of the project till the end.
This made us speed up the procedure and obtain client satisfaction, and prevented the redoing of projects.
This is a routine of the projects in Comelite. Our media production teams have gained this after many years of hard work.
At Comelite each producer checks and consults on his/her work with other producers and then sends it to the client.
The result of this cooperation is a good presentation and improved quality of work.
Whiteboard production takes much time and concentration but the result is incredible.

Try it once for your company and you will see the result.

  Bill Hinsch: Comlite helped me in a time of need

Recently I hired Comlite to help me with an explainer video, for the skill Organization in Auckland, NZ. The video was a combination of whiteboard animation and traditional kinetic motion graphics. I was very pleased with both the professionalism and flexibility that Comlite gave to me. First of all, I had a constrained budget that required Comlite to do more work than was supported by the price I could pay, they were very gracious in working with me to gain a win-win situation that allowed production to be handled at a very high quality level while still maintaining the price that I needed. Best of all, the motion graphics editor I was assigned to was a real delight to work with. Maria Bennett provided not only top grade expertise in using After Effects and Premiere but a fine sensibility
injecting her own thoughts and creativity that made the video better than if I had had to dictate everything that happens in the video. The net result of my great experience with Comlite is that they will be a long term partner with me on all of my video production. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a top drawer production capability in Video, professional communications, and timely response to questions and concerns.

Bill Hinsch
CEO Learning Visuals

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