Thursday, 8 October 2015

We design and build websites for small & medium businesses.

What is their website like?
Often the first question a customer asks about a new business.

A customer can be lost or won in the first few seconds of arriving at your website. If it is out of date, poorly designed or hard to navigate, that customer will search out a better site to supply the product or service they are searching for, probably one of your competitors’ websites.

We design websites that look good, are easy to navigate and get results.
We favour clear navigation, uncluttered layouts and images to easily convey what your pages are about. From simple brochure websites to more complex designs. We use WordPress as our web design platform of choice, with responsive designs and CMS from our studio near Bury St Edmunds. Below some of the website design services that we offer.


Every small business should have a professional website. Our standard websites are 5 pages, bespoke and responsive web design. Includes many functions as standard, built in seo.


Website design that works on tablets and smart phones. Our web designs are Responsive and ensure that your customers will see your business online, no matter what screen they use.


Does your website still give the right impression? From small changes to a complete new look with optimised on-page SEO, responsive website and content management system.

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