Friday, 16 October 2015

Comelite Bitrix Services

What is Bitrix?

Bitrix is a software suite aimed to help create and manage the company’s internal web resources that would embrace communicational, organizational and HR tasks of a company. It offers collaboration, attendance tracking, HR, CRM services, Document Management Systems and business workflows; all in a centralized solution.
Bitrix can be used as a cloud solution or individual self-hosted installs which allow for even further control and customization capabilities as it comes with full source code. Besides that, it is backed with a desktop app and a mobile app for iOS and Android too!
While Bitrix is a great product out of the box, companies might need help with the setup, data migration or customization of this solution. This is where Comelite comes in.

What we can do for you

Comelite is an experienced Bitrix partner. Our company is proficient in customizing Bitrix at several levels:

1-Site installation and setup. We know how to setup Bitrix to match your requirements best. We know what sections to keep, how to keep them and what to discard
2-Data migration. We can transfer data from almost any source into Bitrix, allowing you to resume your work from there
3-Site customization. Bitrix can be modified in many ways, without any coding. One of the most important features are workflows and business processes, which can be defined and setup inside the site without any coding necessary
4-Localization. Bitrix can be translated to other languages (even right-to-left) and Comelite can do this translation for you
5-API Integration. Bitrix can be controlled or queried through its JavaScript API. This is a good solution when developing apps for Bitrix or extending its features in other ways. The JavaScript API is the only way to customize the cloud version of Bitrix programmatically
6-Source code modification. The self-hosted version comes with full source code and as such, it can be modified to any possible extent.

Benefits for you

With Bitrix, our company can offer much more cost-effective solutions to our clients. Instead of focusing on developing tools that are already offered in Bitrix24, we can simply focus on translating their current workflows and data to its Bitrix24 counterpart – an absolute win-win case for both parties.
We can base your entire site on Bitrix24. While being mostly focused on the internal workflows of a company, Bitrix24 also offers an external website that is gracefully tied to the “intranet” website. Your company can enjoy an enhanced workflow for registered members, while also having a lead generation portal which invites users to register and become members.

Bitrix is the perfect choice for companies looking for workflow automation. Contactus today

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