Thursday, 22 October 2015

Why Comelite for your Multi-Lingual Websites & Apps?

Working with customers from ME for more than 12 years, I noticed that one of the clients’ concerns is about Comelite’s capability in developing websites with Arabic language. However, in all cases of working with us, all of them are satisfied in the end.

Comelite is a US based company working globally which has expanded its activities in MENA region in recent years. Also it is good to know that in just the past 8 months, Comelite expanded its sales and marketing dept. by recruiting more than 5 new account executives who are educated in the Arabic language.

Comelite designers and developers are all familiar with Arabic and other RTL languages. They have the ability to design and develop bilingual or multi-lingual websites and mobile apps, graphical designs, multimedia productions and management systems.

At first, working with Arabic language (which is an RTL language – Right to Left) unlike English which is LTR was a big challenge for us. Software, programming tools and source codes were not adjusted and produced unreadable texts and images, damaging data. We’d spend days fixing errors in data and in some cases we’d just leave it and call it a day. But gradually we discovered the rules of treating RTL languages and their UTF8 encoding. We found out how to migrate data to different systems without losing them and creating correct RTL pages from the beginning, abiding by international standards.

Another issue to consider were fonts and specifications of each RTL language. For example, in the Kurdish language, or the Arabic language, not using the right fonts would result in changing the meaning of words. Here, with the help of our customers, we learned the special aspects of characters and how they should be displayed and read, ad our teams learned the solutions.

Apart from the technical parts, we currently have expert translators for translating Arabic to English and vice versa. (Of course we can translate other languages as well but in this article we are focused on Arabic).

Finally after 13 years of experience in working in the MENA region, we have reached a point that has brought us forward in comparison to our competitors in this region. We can ensure our full guarantee in our IT services especially when it comes to different languages.

You can see some of our RTL multilingual websites:

Written by Nadia Kamil (@nadiakamil44) Business and Marketing Manager at Comelite IT Solutions Co.

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