Thursday, 8 December 2016

5 signs you should start thinking about getting an ERP

Is reconciling financials becoming a more daunting task with each passing month? Are you using guesswork rather than actual solid figures for your sales forecasts? Is keeping up with your order volume becoming more troublesome? And are you faltering with customer satisfaction as a result? Are you lost in figuring out the actual amount of your warehouse inventory, and is it becoming a dire task to find out? If your answers for your business are yes, or somewhere near a yes, you should consider launching an ERP system for your company?

Considering the fact that each business is unique, there is no silver bullet sign clarifying a Yes or No regarding ERP need. However, it is worth noting that businesses troubled with similar frustrations and daily problems have benefited tremendously from ERP software. Are you and your company faced with issues of similar nature? Read on to get acquainted with the main five indicators showing your business is ready to open its doors to an ERP system.....

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