Saturday, 10 December 2016

6 Reasons Why NGOs Love Salesforce?

1- To have a unified view anytime

Imagine a unified view of every interaction with clients, supporters, members, founders, volunteers and affiliates have with your organization. Salesforce for Nonprofits is the set of end-to-end solutions any nonprofit needs to become a connected nonprofit. Built for the social and mobile era, Salesforce for Nonprofits will connect your entire nonprofit— your partners, supporters, employees, and programs— so you can, deliver better programs and services, engage and strengthen your community, communicate more effectively, and raise more resources.

2- Raise More Resources

Break down the silos and empower your entire nonprofit to make a case for giving with a complete picture of your donors, volunteers, members and other constituents in one place.

3- Communicate More Effectively

The rise of social and mobile technology means there are more ways than ever to connect with the people who matter to your organization.....

4- Engage and Strengthen Your Community

Today’s constituents want to be part of the solution.....

5- Deliver Better Programs and Services

Providing excellent programs and services can be stymied by cumbersome manual processes......

6- Instant Insight Across Your Nonprofit

Turn your nonprofit’s big data into big impact. ...

By Sandra Rendel , Project Manager & Salesforce Consultant at Comelite IT Solutions

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