Friday, 30 December 2016

The basics of mobile app cross-promotion

“You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.”

This is the adage we use when we help each other accomplish difficult tasks. The equivalent of back-scratching in mobile app marketing is cross-promotion, a very effective tactic that helps app developers and publishers reach out to their audience and increase traffic and install rates............

Thursday, 29 December 2016

How ERP Systems can help Large Businesses

Large businesses often do highly specialized, excellent work – but that doesn’t always mean that there isn’t any room for improvement. Many large companies could benefit from updated, enhanced ERP systems to make them more effective and enable them to plan their resources better. Here are five ways in which ERP systems can help large businesses.Enhances technical capabilities
Probably one of the main ways in which these systems can help big companies is in enhancing their technical capabilities. Often, companies grow, gaining more staff and customers, but their technology fails to grow with them...........

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How to Get Past the Routine Repetitive Tasks with Customized Management Systems

During the past years most businesses have evolved into repetitive computer chores. A huge amount of time is spent doing the dreary typing, copying, pasting, record keeping and controlling and eventually loosing data.

Of course we can't ditch these routine and recurring jobs that seem to be a waste of our time but are a necessity in our business. However, we can cure the time-consuming energy that it takes for us to do them.Eventually, along with all the business involvement, technology workflow automation appeared and saved us all from the days of mind-numbing work with just a few simple apps.................

By Jessica McConner, Account Manager and Marketing Director at Comelite IT Solutions

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What is CRM and what are the challenges?

One of the most valuable systems out there that any and all small businesses need and literally must implement can simply be described as CRM. A Customer Relationship Management software that is becoming ever so essential in today’s fast-growing streaming world where we are all putting away old retail customs and becoming more and more digital.
A CRM system, if fully utilized and enhanced, can actually upgrade your business sales by 29%, recent studies covering various companies show. However, the data going into the structure is what makes that particular system valuable, meaning a team effort by all members of a business is needed to extract the power of CRM.
This is a state-of-the-art technology put to work to organize, systematize and orchestrate all of your company’s facing areas. This begins with marketing, leads to sales and customer service, and finally the crucial technical support.
Tracking and analyzing all of your interactions with everyone, from your employees, customers and future prospects, is what CRM is built to do and does best. This software can centralize, secure, simplify and even weigh your customer engagement practices. CRM can also be characterized as providing a future interpretation into methods and events that will render important indicators of profit-making opportunities.
CRM can be used to obtain leads from your business website and email campaigns; invite people from seminars, various webinars, exhibitions and conferences; and inform your salespeople of valuable leads.
Automating your business workflows with CRM can lead to more computerized activities to guarantee the pursuit of best-result methods. This will ultimately reduce administrative effort needed for CRM management that can become all too time consuming.
Capturing and the provision of detailed customer information, especially their customs and behaviors, are all made simple with CRM. Consider product development, targeted marketing and tracking sales activities a piece of cake with CRM....

Don’t start with Salesforce CRM without a clear plan

A key success factor for any Salesforce CRM or sales force automation (SFA) project is making sure to plan out the project ahead of time.
Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you don’t want to start with Salesforce CRM without a plan. A plan will help you communicate with everyone, to do things in the right order, identify key resources, and know when you’re done.
As you plan and prepare to get Salesforce CRM up and running, complete the following steps (in order):
1.Build your team
2.Define and prioritize your goals
3.Define your process
4.Map your process to Salesforce CRM functionality
5.Define the fields you need
6.Define the reports you need
7.Train your administrator
8.Communicate with your users

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to avoid rejection in App Store

App Store’s review process for new apps can be really frustrating – and rightly so. With thousands of apps being submitted every day, Apple wants to make sure that only the ones that offer true value and have been rigorously tested will be put on display.

The set of restrictions are pretty tight, and your app will be put to test both by automated tools and real human beings who will manually verify its UI, UX and features. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your first app rejected, unless you’ve already rooted out major bugs in your app and checked it against App Store’s Review and Human Interface Guidelines..

What is Business Automati

In the era of communication, we find ourselves overwhelmed with all sorts of technology to automate our daily tasks. From apps to install on our smartphone to organize our schedule, to software to install on our desktop computers to help a workflow, to websites and portals for our daily shopping, business needs and tracking, let alone digital devices allowing our lives to be connected to the internet (IoT), like smartwatches to digital machines, and more.
So how can we make the best of the advantages our epoch provides for our business?.............
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Sunday, 25 December 2016

3 successful in-app payment strategies for mobile games

I’ve already discussed how ads can help bring in a lot of revenue in mobile games, including how developers make fortunes by applying non-intrusive and user-friendly advertisement strategies for their mobile games.

But ads are not the only monetization strategy that are raking in huge amounts of cash, and they might not be applicable to all sorts of games..................
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Friday, 23 December 2016

Restaurant Marketing: How Big Dreams Can Come True

A friend of mine from Paris asked me last week: “Tell me how many patrons I will have when I spend a thousand bucks in your digital marketing plan and how many will have if spend for two thousand?” And I stood there with my mouth wide open, hesitating what to say. Alack, I couldn

I wish I could demonstrate an interface enabling the smell of a specific dish to reach the client once I send a special “smell push notification”, whereby I would incite the strongest temptation in him or her, inviting the guests to my table. But again, I have to admit I can’t do it…yet.......................
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How To Think Like A Real App Designer

See the new article written by Ben Dickson published by AppsZom:

 Many of us who have joined the app community come from contrasting backgrounds. While in many cases, prior experience in a different design and development industry can help a lot in finding your way in the app world, there are also numerous instances where the mindset ported from other domains can be detrimental to your app design learning curve.
In this piece, I will try to introduce you to the right way of thinking like an app designer. Hopefully these tips will help you design faster and with more success.............

What to do AFTER launching your mobile app

In the previous post, I described steps you should take before publishing your app in app stores to make sure that you hit the ground running and get started on the right footing.

Does that mean that, after you publish your app, you can sit back and relax and watch downloads rates and revenue increase on their own? Of course not. This is just the beginning and you have to do your best to avoid the worst in the hostile environment of the mobile app industry, where many a good title have met their demise because of the lack of sound marketing strategies..............

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Design Mobile Apps With Your Audience In Mind

Refer to the new article written by Ben Dickson, published by AppsZoom
This is something you’ve read a lot about in different posts (including some of my own): When building an app, design with your audience in mind. Stop thinking and designing from your own perspective.
Easier said than done - and what does it actually mean, anyway? In this post, I’ll be giving you some simple tips on how to design apps that will better appeal to the end user, resulting in a better user experience (and, hopefully, better user reviews and more installs, too!).

Know and identify your audience and their needs

The first order of business is to determine who will be using your app. Identifying your audience before starting to design your app will help you carry out the coding and define the functionality based on their preferences. Here are a few questions that can help you in this regard:
  • Will the app be used by a specific demographic?
  • Will the app be used in a specific region or do you want it to have global appeal?
  • What is the age range of the users who will be using the app?
  • What similar apps are those users using?
You can come up with many more.
Identifying your audience and examining their characteristics will help you find out how you can distinguish yourself from the competition and target the needs of your potential userbase.
Your app has to make something easier for your users, provide them with valuable informationsave them money, or entertain them. For instance, one of the factors behind the success of Uber was the fact that it helped users cut transportation fees.
Answering these questions is also crucial if your app is going to be supported and funded by ads. For the ads to work, they have to fit the demographics of the app users..........

Company Facebook Page vs Website: Misconceptions

Over the past years, I’ve talked to many clients and seen many small to medium and growing business’s and to my surprise and shock, many had based their whole business on social media network page such as a Company Facebook Page or Group, and in some cases LinkedIn company pages.
Now, I know the significance of social media, but in this article I will tell you the difference of having a professional company website, and having Facebook page, or any other social media presence. In fact, I believe the very term “Website vs Facebook” is a deep misconception, since social media is a fulfillment to your basic professional website.
According to the Social Times, Facebook last year reached over 40 million pages.............

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Necessity of Mobile Apps for Restaurants [Infographic

The quest for entertainment is a part of life not to be forsaken. Among all the relaxing pastimes and recreational activities that soothe the burden of work, 50% of humankind still say that going to a restaurant, helping themselves to tasty food and relishing the time there with family and friends top their list for entertainment.

Restaurants play a great role in our lives (it's called a people-connected industry). Hence arises the need for constant outreach to customers. That explains why restaurants are the thirstiest for the fast-moving technology of mobile apps.

Mobile apps for restaurants are the next frontier of restaurant marketing. Restaurants have been very quick to come up with innovative mobile apps that foster brand loyalty, increase stickiness and help boost sales. Here, we explore how a restaurant owner can leverage mobile to boost their top line...............

Friday, 16 December 2016

Let’s forget about a restaurant app

Smart phones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives for several reasons: they bring our personal data, contacts, messages, personal photos, bank account numbers, and a variety of mobile applications that users are used to facilitate their daily life.

We are so obsessed that we even cannot imagine a day without them. It is known that lots of people do not let off smartphones from their hands until they fall in a sleep. These are facts that no one can argue or withstand. So… why don’t you have a mobile app for your business?
Let’s take an example: restaurant marketing.
You’ve started your own business in the hospitality industry and opened a restaurant or bar that you have been always dreamed of. Having invested a lot of money and effort prefiguring construction and editing, you hired a pleasant and valuable staff, and every detail in the house is exactly how you imagined. Having finished the first step, you reach a point where you want to present your business in the best light, and as such, present it to potential guests..................

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Why do hotels need video marketing? [Infographic]

Back in 2014, we all heard that 2015 is expected to be the year of video marketing. Now 2015 has passed and marketers have more than ever realized that videos are essential in quickly grabbing busy audiences' attention.

The hospitality industry is not an exception, but among the main industries that need to promote their service visually. With short eye-catching videos you can take advantage of this marketing trend in building brand awareness, getting more leads and generating more bookings.
Do you use videos in marketing your hotel? If your answer is no, lend us 5 minutes of your precious time and have a look at the infographic to “Why do hotels need video marketing?”.................

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Online Payment: What will you gain?

In today’s world, it’s become part of our everyday lives to pay online. Whether it’s the ordinary grocery shopping, or shopping for clothes, household and office furniture, or going to a restaurant and paying with your e-wallet, it has all been intertwined in our common life activities.
Now what exactly is online payment? To make it basic, it’s the exchange of money electronically. It can be through a website where we pay with our credit card or PayPal, it can be with a Google Pay or Apple Wallet payment with your smartphone, or other platforms.
Not very long ago, people distrusted this method and were willing to go with the check or stamped envelope, but now, see the benefits you will gain with online payment:
• Save Time:
Online payment is much faster than your paper bills, you can even automate some of your payments and receive notifications for them. Even if you wait for the last minute, you will get it done with a click of a mouse.
• Control your expenses:
you can always track and keep control of your expenses, from transfer fees, service fees, and any other transactions.
• Safety:
your virtual wallet cannot be stolen, or there is no risk of leaving it somewhere.............

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The 7 rising logo trends [Infographic]

Logo trends

Almost halfway into 2016, we take a look at what the logo world is telling us. Your logo, choice of font, colors and shapes are what your customers will remember you by. It is important to have brand elements that can be deployed and displayed in different settings and environments without breaking the general design. A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. Trending now are these seven styles of logo. All provide details and main specifics of your brand so you must work wise.

Art plays a key role and there is a wide range between simple Monoline logos to Dramatic Typography. That is how designers have managed to incorporate elements like geometry and negative spaces into these featured icons......

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

6 Reasons Why NGOs Love Salesforce?

1- To have a unified view anytime

Imagine a unified view of every interaction with clients, supporters, members, founders, volunteers and affiliates have with your organization. Salesforce for Nonprofits is the set of end-to-end solutions any nonprofit needs to become a connected nonprofit. Built for the social and mobile era, Salesforce for Nonprofits will connect your entire nonprofit— your partners, supporters, employees, and programs— so you can, deliver better programs and services, engage and strengthen your community, communicate more effectively, and raise more resources.

2- Raise More Resources

Break down the silos and empower your entire nonprofit to make a case for giving with a complete picture of your donors, volunteers, members and other constituents in one place.

3- Communicate More Effectively

The rise of social and mobile technology means there are more ways than ever to connect with the people who matter to your organization.....

4- Engage and Strengthen Your Community

Today’s constituents want to be part of the solution.....

5- Deliver Better Programs and Services

Providing excellent programs and services can be stymied by cumbersome manual processes......

6- Instant Insight Across Your Nonprofit

Turn your nonprofit’s big data into big impact. ...

By Sandra Rendel , Project Manager & Salesforce Consultant at Comelite IT Solutions

Friday, 9 December 2016

If Your Customers are Mobile, Why Aren’t You?

“World changes every day. Be part of this change”

While you are readying this, the world is changing. The way we think, act, work, is all changing by the concepts and techniques around us. In the world of business, if you want to survive and triumph through the ever-changing world, then you have to adjust, compete and be part of the change. Who would have thought that people would spend over 80% of their time on a mobile device? So if you have a business, you should have presence in the app market
Much of the time of users on the internet is through a mobile device, and much of this time is spent in apps, so you can find various reasons to create a customized app for your business. Here are a few reasons having an app for your business is vital for the survival and advancing of your business:
  • Live in your customers’ pocket: when you have personalized app for your business, you are always present to your clients. This means you can always provide info updates, notifications, discounts, and when your customer is looking for the right info, your app exists and will show the way.
  • See what they think: every person in business knows in order to survive the trends and improve, they need to analyze, summarize, plan and change. So how can you know what to plan and what to change? With an app you can get direct feedback from your customers, through ratings, reviews, surveys and much more. This way you will be feeling and always knowing what your customers want and think about.............

Thursday, 8 December 2016

5 signs you should start thinking about getting an ERP

Is reconciling financials becoming a more daunting task with each passing month? Are you using guesswork rather than actual solid figures for your sales forecasts? Is keeping up with your order volume becoming more troublesome? And are you faltering with customer satisfaction as a result? Are you lost in figuring out the actual amount of your warehouse inventory, and is it becoming a dire task to find out? If your answers for your business are yes, or somewhere near a yes, you should consider launching an ERP system for your company?

Considering the fact that each business is unique, there is no silver bullet sign clarifying a Yes or No regarding ERP need. However, it is worth noting that businesses troubled with similar frustrations and daily problems have benefited tremendously from ERP software. Are you and your company faced with issues of similar nature? Read on to get acquainted with the main five indicators showing your business is ready to open its doors to an ERP system.....

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How Technology Impacts your Restaurant

Technology is surrounding you. Anywhere from your business life, to social life to everyday life. Now, in this series we want to just checkout what an impact technology has had on the restaurant business and how it has moved it uphill towards top customer service and creating a facilitation in business. Just a few examples to point out, is using an app to take orders, instead of your normal notepad, or using a responsive modern website to present your services, and get your tables booked. Some restaurants have apps for their customers to use within the restaurant as a menu, and to take images and share on social media. The use of technology has made payments smooth and encouraged easy online paying. So how can it impact your restaurant? Take a look:
• Mobile Ordering: one of the trends in the restaurant industry are using a mobile to order your food. Surveys show that more than 41% will use a self-ordering terminal if available, and customers would rather connect to their mobile app, make their order, and have it delivered or go pick up then to use the old fashioned way. Take a look at these examples to get more info: Starbuck mobile ordering and the Easy Order app.......

Monday, 5 December 2016

Best Travel Apps: A Boost in Tourism

Tripoli Tourism App-Comelite
On the verge of the New Year and the holiday season, many people look to travel and spend the holidays with family and loved ones.
Tourism, as one of the 7th most downloaded apps in App Store is on the rise when it comes to technology, app for tourists, trip planning apps and more.......................

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

10 reasons why you may need a digital channels strategy?

10 reasons why you may need a digital channels strategy?
1. You’re directionless
I find that companies without a digital strategy (and many that do) don’t have clear strategic goals for what they want to achieve online in terms of gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. And if you don’t have goals you likely don’t put enough resources to reach the goals and you don’t evaluate through analytic whether you’re achieving those goals.

2. You won’t know your online market share
Customer demand for online services may be underestimated if you haven”t researched this.  Perhaps more importantly you won’t understand your online marketplace: the dynamics will be different to traditional channels with different types of customer profile and behavior, competitors, propositions and options for marketing communications....

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